Happily a Soloist 

Hi there, this is Mike and I am Grey Ballet

Quite simply an old guy that plays a number of instruments, isn't too tech- illiterate and a prolific composer. Primarily guitar.

I am also celebrating more than 50 years of playing guitar. 

I've written songs from fingerstyle instrumentals to effects-laden electric tones . You can also bask in some beautiful instrumental soundscapes and atmospheres. If you're looking for some slick production, NOT HERE. Only a good dose of  “pure spontaneous invention”. Old school. Keeping it real. 

On learning,  I have content to share some of the techniques, concepts and ideas behind my work. Things like harmonics and chord structures. My past 40+ years as a guitar instructor, will certainly be of benefit to you. These are freebies for those who are interested in learning some of the techniques. Right now, everything is raw and a work in progress. But then again, that is the whole idea behind Grey Ballet. 


Mike from Grey Ballet 

Old School. Keeping it real.


How to create some great soundscapes

This simple but comprehensive guide demonstrates 4 types of harmonics that you can apply to enhance the emotion and depth of your music.