The Rules

For me it was not as important to create a technically perfect recording as it was to get the original performances and feelings of new songs on tape. Those performances usually carried the essence of the song. That was my method. Let someone else make the perfect record.” - Neil Young

— The book "Special Deluxe" Page 241

The main idea of this project "GREY BALLET" is to keep all the recordings and content real and as spontaneous as possible. So that you get to hear the raw aspects of the creation. The recording is done personally at home.  

I tried to stick to a few rules while doing this project and they were; 

  1. Nothing is over rehearsed. Perfection is an illusion. It doesn’t exist in nature and especially not in man. 
  2. Spontaneity is key (pardon the pun) so solos are the result of improvisation on a sketched out idea. Most bass lines as well. Avoided perfecting anything as much as possible. 
  3. It must be interesting both rhythmically and melodically. 
  4. Minimalist instrumentation. Usually not more than 4. Sometimes as few as 1. 
  5. Let someone else make the perfect recording (see #1)